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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the jewelry made of?

         We use genuine leather processed with natural oils in order to avoid any possible skin irritations or allergies.

  • Are they hypoallergenic?

        The clasps are nickel-free, led-free and chromium-free (all of which are responsible for allergies). The earring-hooks are either silver-plated brass or silver.

  • Can we use them in water?

         Since they are made of genuine leather we would advise you not to use them in water. When they get wet they have the tendency to become hard. If by any chance they get wet, you may apply some moisturising oil or vaseline to the back side in order to moisturize the leather. Sea water will definitely destroy your jewelry.

  • Does the color fade way?

         Concerning the jewelry in black, they are painted but the color does not fade away. As for the metallic ones, they are not painted. A special metallic leaf is applied on the leather by heat and pressure. The metallic effect does not fade away so long as we do not get our jewelry wet or wear them while having extreme physical activity.

  • How do we take care of them?

          Since you avoid wearing them in water, the only thing you should be careful of is how to store them. We advise keeping them in straight position either wrapped in a soft cloth or even inside an envelope in order to avoid any possible scratches.