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About us

The idea of creating jewelry out of leather began in 2012.

We wanted to experiment with a natural material which has been used since the very beginnings of human kind. That’s how our brand name, Origins, emerged.

Paleolithic humans used leather as clothing in order to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions.

Through the passing of years leather has been used in the making of various everyday life objects.

Besides making utility objects, we wanted to move furthermore into creating leather jewelry.

After a lot of research and experimentation we ended up in using leather which is processed with natural tannins and not chemical (chromium). As jewelry comes in contact with our skin we want to avoid any possible skin irritations.

This is how Origins leather jewelry was created, initially consisting only of necklaces in black color. At the moment there is a wide variety of jewelry which is gradually being enriched by new designs and colors as well as they are combined with various materials such as feathers, crystals or natural stones.

Original jewelry for an outstanding look which is always impressive and special. They can be worn throughout the year, they are extremely light and they accompany your style either in your everyday look or on special occasions.

We invite you to meet Origins leather jewelry by making a present to your beloved ones or even to yourself.