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Size guide

Origins bracelets

  • There are three available sizes in our bracelets: small, medium, large.
  • In general we design our bracelets in order to embrace the wrist.
  • In case the bracelet feels too tight, keep in mind that it stretches out by the use and the heat of your body and eventually it takes the shape of your wrist.
  • In order to see which size is ideal for you and depending on how tight or not you wish your bracelet to be, measure the circumference of your wrist. The sizes of Origins bracelets are the following:
  • Small: 16.7 cm/6.57''
  • Medium: 18 cm/7.08''
  • Large: 19 cm/7.48''
  • In case you need a bigger size there is the option of custom-made bracelets exactly for your size with an extra cost of 2€